Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Maya 2017

This is one of the projects created for the video series "Introduction to Maya 2017" for the Gnomon Workshop Here is a description of what the series is about: Maya is the leading 3D Application in the game, visual effects, commercial, and broadcast industries. Maya's feature-rich toolset expands with every version and has been reorganized in this latest release. Whether you are new to using a 3D Computer Graphics package, are migrating from another 3D application or you are an experienced user who wants to see the newest features in action, the demonstrations in each chapter of this title will bring you up to speed on Maya 2017. Veteran visual effects artist and instructor, Eric Keller, takes Maya through the paces giving you in-depth descriptions of the interface and tools. Special emphasis is placed on modeling, texturing, animation and rendering while the demonstrations illustrate how the tools are best used in a professional workflow.

Introduction to Maya 2017 - Interface and Workflow with Eric Keller

Eric keller maya2017 robot image3

Final render using Octane for Maya

Eric keller maya2017 robot image4

Final render using Octane for Maya

Eric keller maya2017 robot image1

Final render using Octane for Maya

Eric keller robothex painter

Texturing in Substance Painter

Eric keller robothex screengrab 04

Maya model render set up

Eric keller robothex maya 04

final model

Eric keller robothex maya 03

retopologized model

Eric keller robothex maya 01

Maya 2017 final sculpt

Eric keller robothex maya 02

Early sculpt in Maya 2017 (yes the sculpting tools are getting better!)

Eric keller robot side sketch

side view sketch

Eric keller robot persp sketch

perspective sketch

Eric keller robot front sketch

front sketch