In addition to the professional work I do for various companies and studios I have a number of personal projects I'm working on. This page highlights some of those projects and their various states of progress. These projects are experimental and I expect many of the experiments will fail but that is kind of the point of experimentation

Entomology Animated

I started this project a few years ago as a way to combine my love of science, specifically evolutionary biology, with my love of computer graphics. The field of entomology has captured my imagination as I believe the study of insects offers a front row seat to the story of evolution. I want to contribute my voice to the growing body of high-quality science online science communication and in the process create a resource for teachers and students and other curious people. Below are some of the videos I've created so far ranging from informal lessons on the biochemistry of insect defenses to experiments in digital insect modeling and animation. I'm still tinkering with the format and I'm currently moving to a more game-based approach with an eye towards moving into virtual reality. I hope you enjoy the video and I'm currently working on additions to this small but growing library.