Solenopsis invicta

I don't know why I am so obsessed with the fire ant. These are renders from the first episode of my educational series "Entomology Animated" which explores the chemistry of fire ant venom. I spent a lot of time getting the model right and I got great input from entomologists. E O Wilson himself even commented on how much he enjoyed it. He told me he has been studying ants his entire life and he could not tell the difference between my CG ant and the real thing. That's a great compliment coming from the man who first identified S. invicta as an invasive species back in the 1940's! I really hope my animations get better and I really hope they inspire a love of science and the natural world. Even if its at leats an appreciation for nasty little biting stinging things...

Eric keller keller fireant 002
Eric keller keller fireant 003
Eric keller keller fireant 004
Eric keller keller fireant
Eric keller keller fireant 001

Entomology Animated Episode 1: RIFA Madness!