Firefly Game Model

Working on a demo about Firefly biology using Unreal. This is a learning project for me since I'm still a bit of an Unreal Newbie. Watch the video to see the game in action and listen to my deadpan nasally voice ramble on and on...

Still developing this one, will take some time. Also note that the firefly in this game is not at the correct scale. This would be a giant firefly like something from the days of the Carboniferous when insects were huge? :P I'm planning on fixing the scale in the final version so that it represents an accurate modern day firefly.

Eric keller gamegrab 04

Firefly in flight at night, glow is activated with mouse button

Firefly Game Engine Test preview

Eric keller gamegrab 01

Firefly in flight at dusk

Eric keller gamegrab 03

Unreal game play with glowing mushrooms. Player controls firefly movement and flashing

Eric keller photuris rig 02

Animate and bake flying motion

Eric keller photuris rig 01

Maya Rig

Eric keller photuris substance 02


Eric keller photuris substance 03

iRay render

Eric keller photuris substance 01

Paint textures in Substance Painter

Eric keller photuris zbrush 02

ZBrush Base Model

Eric keller photuris zbrush 01

ZBrush base model